55016 (D9016)

Gordon Highlander

A Highland(er) gathering at York. 55004 'Queen's Own Highlander' has worked the 20:15 London King's Cross - Edinburgh (1S66) as far as York where 55016 'Gordon Highlander' took over. The Metro-Cammell DMU on the right is E50193 and the leading vehicle on 1S66 is 4399. The date - 10th April 1981.

An interesting view of 55016 restarting the 16:05 London King's Cross - York (1L44) from Newark Northgate on 14th July 1980.

55017 (D9017)

The Durham Light Infantry

55017 starts up at York before working the Plymouth - Edinburgh service of 7th March 1981.

55018 (D9018)


Another 'instamatic' gem! The location is Grantham on 8th August 1979.

A later view of 55018 at York with the 00:02 London King's Cross - Newcastle (1N12) of 11th April 1981. Note the traces of steam from the train.

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