8 Shop.

An obvious mecca for enthusiast visitors was 8 shop. Consisting of three bays it was here that mainline and shunting diesel locomotives were built as well as the Midland Railway, London Midland & Scottish and British Railways steam locomotives before them.

The very last mainline locomotive constructed was a class 25 numbered D7677 later to become 25327. This was in 1966. Beyer Peacock of Gorton (Manchester) did have the contract for the last 25s (D7627 - D7677 or 25277 - 25327). Upon the completion of D7659, later 25309(the last BP product) the company ceased trading and British Rail undertook the construction. Interestingly the last Darlington built locomotive was also a class 25 numbered D7597, later 25247.

The last powered vehicles to be built were for the ill fated Advanced Passenger Train (APT) consisting of six non driving motors numbered 49001 - 49006.

Above is a view looking North along 2 bay, on the left from front to back are 45110, 45012, 25230, 45002. In the centre is 25048 whilst on the right from front to back are 45044, 45144, 45106, 25218 and 45058. The date is 14th July 1983.

15th April 1981 sees overhauls on class 45s in full swing, visible on the left are 45111 and 45130 whilst on the right (front to back) are 45146, 45136, 45132.

Here is 25288 in the process of being wheeled, 43118, 27104 are on the left and 25034 on the right.

Locomotives admitted to the works would be held on 'Klondyke' sidings the reason for that name are lost in history. On the left (front to back) are 25178, 25250, 45110 and the right (front to back and all for scrap), 25094, 25092, 25217, 46053. The date is 28th May 1981. The building visible above 45110 is the Test House whilst the roof apexes in the background are of 7 shop, the higher of the two is the bay in which the APT vehicles were built. The sidings eventually became the works car park.

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