116 - TCH 116X

Another popular method of advertising was (and still is!) on the rear of vehicles. 116 displays this in the Cornmarket on 31st May 1987. As a rule Sunday working never used to see a single Fleetline in use, however new ticket machines were being phased in so this day saw over 90% of services in the hands of Fleetlines, 281(RCH 281R) is visible on the right.

117 - TCH 117X

117 (with 119 behind) in a rather tranquil Market Place, once a central departure point for many services the City "planners" thought better and pedestrianised it all. The brown and white hut above the pigeons was occupied by the duty Inspector. The date is 8th February 1987.

118 - TCH 118X

118 is seen near Henley Green, Mackworth on 8th February 1987.

119 - TCH 119X

119 awaits departure from the Market Place on an Alvaston service on 1st March 1986.

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