The Pembroke Coast Express

Saturday 24th September 2005

The return of any long withdrawn type of locomotive to main line operation is an impressive feat especially with present day requirements. We have seen Deltics, a 46, a 45 and a 40 reappear at various times hauling trains again on the National network.

Meanwhile in the background work had been quietly progressing on D1015 which culminated in a successful test run in readiness for 23rd February 2003 when the loco worked its first passenger train since 29th November 1976 when it replaced a failed 50 at Par on the 00:55 Paddington - Penzance.

Since then D1015 has seen use on a number of specials including an outing to Fishguard Harbour on 24th September 2005. The route taken was fairly straightforward leaving Paddington at 08:25 running via Reading, Swindon, Bristol Parkway, Newport, Cardiff, Barry, Swansea District Line then to Fishguard. The return route was a little more direct via Neath.

The coaching stock was as follows (in numerical order)

1978 Prefix



Builder and Year

Lot Number

E 1671 RBR Pressed Steel 1961 30628
W 1813 RMB Wolverton 1960 30520
M 3100 FO BRCW 1959 30576
M 3110 FO Swindon 1962 30697
W 3124 FO Swindon 1962 30697
M 3132 FO Swindon 1963 30717
  3144 FO Swindon 1963 30717
M 4946 TSO Wolverton 1961 30690
M 4949 TSO Wolverton 1961 30690
W 5482 TSO Derby 1969 30791
M 21245 BCK Swindon 1962 30669

It is interesting to note that 5 vehicles would have been in Swindon when D1015 was built (Lot No 450 in 1963)

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