Back to those Instamatic days (remember 126 film and 'magicubes' !!), on the left is 45053 at Derby steaming away on a North East/South west service. This locomotive was withdrawn in November 1983 and languished at Crewe works until it was cut up in November 1988. On the right is a very rare pairing with 46034 leading 55008 at Grantham on 15th July 1980. The Deltic had brake problems. However both locomotives were powering the train (1045 York - London Kings' Cross 1A37) giving a rather spirited run!

The reporting numbers 1V46 and 1V50 are quite legendary in terms of the North East/South West route. Both trains conveyed passenger vehicles until 1982 and thereafter were parcels only. Seen at Derby during the parcels regime 46052 (nearest) heads 1V50 with the boiler operating for the travelling Post Office vehicles (and to keep the letters warm!) whilst no heat 45068 is on 1V46 (parcels didn't require warmth!!). Notice the now 'heritage' litter' bin!

45019 stands at Exeter St. Davids with 1V47 (the exact train escapes me but I got on at Sheffield and off at Paington) on 23rd July 1982. Both the locomotive and the semaphore signals are now long gone.


It is nearly the end of an era as 45118 stands in the yard at Derby Locomotive Works after a classified repair. This was the very last 'Peak' to receive an overhaul. Before release to traffic an official photograph was taken at the door of number 8 shop featuring the locomotive and 8 shop staff, just as had been done in 1959 when D1 was outshopped.

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